Professional Development FOR Teachers, BY Teachers#EdcampPLRD
"The answers are in the room""The smartest person in the room, is the room"
Friday, September 30, 2016Hosted at JCCharyk SchoolHanna, Alberta

What is an EdCamp?
EdCamp is an "UnConference", also commonly called "Open Spaces". It is Professional Development FOR Educators, BY Educators. The expertise in the room fuels the conversation. The people who attend are the right people.

What do you mean by "EdCamp"?

Inspired by the work of educational leaders such as Kristen Swanson (see video) and Dan Callahan, we will rely on the expertise of our own teachers to help advance our professional learning.

"It makes sense. If you have teachers together, face to face, why not let them talk about what works? Why not let them ask questions of one another? Why not use the best medium available - the human voice - to learn from one another?" ~ John Spencer

By this, offer multiple choices, keep the groups small, and lead a discussion about topics that are important to you and your teaching assignment. THIS is what EdCamp is all about.

As EdCamps develop and grow across North America, sessions often take on a technology flavour, BUT, EdCamp is not just about sharing tech tips and tools. EdCamp is about providing educators an opportunity to share and discuss pedagogy; to take control of their own learning.

How does it work?

Teachers from across Prairie Land will come together in Hanna for a full day of conversation and learning. Joining us will be other members of the Education Community, to expand our conversations and deepen our learning in those areas important to education.

The morning will begin with coffee, muffins and an open white board where participants can post their ideas and questions. Come prepared with an idea for a session you would like to lead, questions you would like answered, and with anticipation of a full day of professional dialogue and learning. A session might explore a technology tool, discussion about best practice, or a discussion surrounding current transformation taking place in education.

We are approaching a variety of other educational stakeholders to come and share their insights and help facilitate and support some of the discussions. Regardless of who attends, the answers will be in the room.

There are two rules that will make this process successful.

Rule #1: Come prepared to participate in rich discussions about topics of interest to you.
Rule #2: Vote with your feet. If you find yourself in a discussion that is not what you expected, please feel free to get up and move to a different discussion.

On this day, a number of sessions will be scheduled in advance (Find the schedule HERE), but spaces will be left open for any last minute conversations which you, the participants, feel are important.

How do you add more sessions to the schedule? Follow these simple steps:


  1. Participants take a POST-IT note and write a discussion topic they would be interested in discussing with a group.

  2. Stick it on the wall!

  3. Look over the other topic suggestions already posted. If you are interested in another topic, please add a "check mark" to the Post-it (to show that there are multiple people interested in that topic).

  4. Participants take a POST-IT note and write a discussion topic they would be willing to lead or facilitate.

  5. Stick it on the wall!

  6. If you are interested in facilitating a topic that is on the suggestion side, please add your initials to the Post-it and move it to the other side of the board.

What does it cost?

Nothing. Nutrition breaks and lunch will be provided for all participants.

What should I bring?

Any device with internet capability will be useful. It will allow you to view the session board online, take notes, and view websites discussed throughout the day. Feel free to bring electronic copies of documents or references you wish to share.

Still want to know more? Read this 2014/08/11 Blog Post by Tony Sinanis: #Edcamp: What's the Point?